Public transportation in Riga is primarily provided by Rigas Satiksme ( ) which offers trolley, tram and bus service to nearly every area throughout Riga.  There are seven different main stations of the Rigas Satiksme.  The first two provide trolley service, while three others provide tram service while the last two provide bus service.  The tram is the most frequently used mode of public transportation, although locals and tourists both regularly make use of the trolley and bus services.  

More information about getting around Riga is available here .

It is reported that all of the public transportation options in Riga are relatively easy to use.  Tickets are bought upon boarding and though there are different tickets for each type of transportation, it is easy to understand them and visitors soon pick up on the customs associated with internal travel in Riga.  Travelers can also pick up monthly passes at local transportation offices if they are going to be in Riga for an extended period of time.

The busses run almost all throughout the night, although there are a few hours late at night when no public transportation is running and visitors will need to consider alternative transportation such as taxis at that time. Here is a link to schedule information:

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