Um, skiing comes to mind as a sport/activity one may take up while visiting Aspen.

Where to begin.  Perhaps December, when the slopes become snowy and the temps low enough to encourage millions to flock to the region to slide around the Rockies.  The Aspen Highlands open early during this month, providing both steep ranges for experts and lesser grades for the more novice.  Buttermilk Mountain opens the same time and is also geared towards the beginner skier.  Aspen, or Ajax Mountain is open for a longer period of time and is meant to challenge professional skiers.  

There are dozens of books and websites available for planning skiing activities in Aspen, but Aspen Snowmass is pretty much the best website for learning the details and dates most relevant to planning a ski trip.  Ski season closes in the beginning of April—plan ahead.


The long and wide runs help everyone to improve- you just ski so many more miles under your belt and there’s space for everyone so you don’t have fears of crashing into each other.

Never get bored- 4 main mountain areas to mix the days up with. All easily and quickly accessible.

Suitable for all standards. Best for beginners as hire equipment specially commissioned.

Plenty of varied lifts and no queuing.

Free travel on the ski buses, regular and frequent service.

Ski and pole storage at base of each mountain $4 a night (03/08 prices) and $7 for transfer to be available the next morning at any of the other 3 mountain bases.  However not for your boots? Free transfers with some hire stores. Complimentary hot drinks, cookies and water at lift bases and tops

Local supervisors assisting and offering advice both at ski bus terminal and destinations.

Catering on the mountain- some upmarket restaurants but even the self service outlets have varied and good quality options with minimal queuing.

Plum TV channel accessible from your accommodation- live pictures and reports of that days conditions.

Hiking is also a common activity in Aspen, with tourists hitting the trails every mild summer and colorful autumn, escaping crowds and civilization with nothing but a stick and a pack.  Choose mountain trails of various mileage at the Snowmass site, and consider other people’s reviews and advice in setting your summer schedule if it includes a vacation to Aspen.