Getting around Placencia Village by foot is easy because of the small size of the villiage. However, if you wish to venture up the peninsula to Seine Bight or Maya Beach, then you will need to rent a bike, scooter/moped, golf cart or car -- or take a taxi or the bus.  Barefoot Services, Budget Rent a Car and Car Rental of Placencia are good options for car and golf cart rentals.  Captain Jak's has golf carts and scooters. If you call ahead, a rental company can meet you at the airport and drop you off if needed. 

If you want others to do the driving, then a taxi or bus are two options.  Taxi fares are as follows (USD $1 = BZ $2):

  • Within Placencia Village:  BZ$6 for 1 person; $3 BZ/person for 2 or more
  • Placencia Village to Turtle Inn or Los Porticos:  BZ$12 BZ for 1 person; BZ$6/person  for 2 or more
  • Placencia Village to Airstrip:  BZ$12 for 1 person; BZ$6/person for 2 or more
  • Placencia Village to Rum Point  area:  BZ$14 for 1 person; BZ$7/person for 2 or more
  • Placencia Village to Robert's Grove/Seine Bight (4 miles):  BZ$22 for 1-2 persons; BZ$8/person for 3 or more
  • Placencia Village to Maya Beach (8 miles):  BZ$40 for 1-2 persons; BZ$15/person for 3 or more
  • Placencia Village to The Placencia Hotel and Residences (10 miles):  BZ$50 for 1-3 persons; BZ$15/person for 4 or more

The bus is an economical option for transportation on the Placencia peninsula, or for visiting other parts of Belize.  But, buses are old Blue Bird elemenary school buses imported from the United States and can be uncomfortable, especially for taller people.  Also, be prepared for the crowds and constant stops.  Also, runs are not frequent, so check with the Placencia Tourist Office behind Scotia Bank on the main road to see if the bus will work for you.  And, if you need to get to another part of Belize and the bus won't work for you, you can always find a taxi that will take you - but be sure to negotiate the fare first.