Tegucigalpa has some great clubs that truly encompass and embrace the Latin culture.  Two favorites are Casa Mexicana and Casa Vieja. 

Casa Mexicana is not a very large club, but it has an intimate feel.  They had a live singer/guitarist that played some wonderful Latin music.  There are small tables with chairs that are hard to come by.  But who needs chairs?  By the end of the night, most use the chairs to dance on.  What a great experience with people singing, dancing around tables and chairs, and on tables and chairs while passing around a sombrero to wear for your moment in the spotlight.

Casa Vieja is a huge club that is bit more modern.   The atmosphere was like that of Casa Mexicana but on a much larger scale.  The live band plays mostly American music from the 80s. 

You will enjoy either selection.  But remember, get ready to sing, dance, drink and stay out late!