Watch the Big Island grow before your eyes when you walk right up to the active flowing lava. No hotter hike in the world! Remember, there is no flowing lava in Volcanoes National Park, so you need to get a guided hike from the family whose village is now under 60 feet of lava. Kalapana Cultural Tours walks people across their private property safely up to the active flow: across a lava desert, over lava tubes, past caves and through winding "kipukas" (forest islands). You get so close you can poke a stick in it and roast marshmallows. I love how the family of Kalapana teaches you about their culture and their town that got buried below lava. If you have the ability to walk, a hike is definitely the way to go because you can get WAY closer to the flow verse other methods, and watch it for as long as you want. Kalapana Cultural Tours are located at Kaimu Beach Park at Uncle's house, which is also a fun place to hang out and always has awesome music and tropical drinks!