Many people choose to rent cars from the Honolulu International Airport ( upon arrival in Oahu.  Rates are slightly higher than standard car rental rates in the continental United States and are likely to be higher during the busy tourist season in Oahu which runs from December through April.  Drivers should be aware that gasoline prices are generally higher in Oahu than in the continental United States.  The top car rental companies located at the airport are:

There are also other reputable car rental companies that offer the choice of delivery to your hotel. This includes specialty exotic car rental companies such as Hawaii Sports Car Rental,

A special note regarding Rental Car offices near Honolulu Airport:

Honolulu is served by car rental shops which are clustered in 2 separate locations. If you follow the 'To Return Rental', you will be led to just ONE of the 2 lots. The other lot, which includes Alamo and Thrifty (?) plus few others, is NOT easy to find. You probaby should keep the car GPS as you drive to return the rental.  Without the GPS,  you will have more difficulty with finding it. So make sure to know have the direction ready or GPS with you when you are driving to return the rental from Alamo. 

Taxis are frequently used by visitors on Oahu, especially to go between the airport and Waikiki. Taxis offer a number of advantages to shuttles, primarily that you'll go directly to your hotel instead of stopping at multiple hotels. Some companies offer flat rates that are usually lower than the Shuttles.

Frequently used taxi services include:

Taxi fares are standardized among all companies in Oahu, with rates being comparable to taxi fares in other major American cities such as San Francisco and New York City.  Taxi drivers are usually tipped at a rate of fifteen to twenty percent.