Nearly the first tourist recommendation to those headed towards Algiers consists of some sort of safety warning, or reminder rather, along the lines that visitors enter at their own risk as Algiers is definitely not safe.

Having recently emerged from a civil war, intra-Algerian violence is far from finished, and this social and political instability is a threat only magnified for tourists as a result of Algerian Islamic hardliner attacks on Western visitors.  Further, women must dress and behave with oppressive religious constrictions in mind when touring most of the country.

Still, a visit is manageable, so long as one stays in safe neighborhoods, well-known hotels , and indoors come nighttime.  Also, keep drinking activity confined to the hotel bar and do not inadvertently offend anyone by discussing politics.  Try to avoid public transportation and narrow streets.  The old city and French city boroughs are not all that safe, but the beachfront is generally alright.

Countryside locales make for riskier travel than does trekking around the capital, and while daytrips to and from Algiers are do-able, false roadblocks abound.  It would be foolish to leave Algiers at night.