Taxis and rental cars are both available in Casablanca; however rental cars can sometimes be more of a hassle than beneficial. 

            The main type of taxi used for traveling around different cities in Morocco is the shared taxi.  This style of taxi will take up to six passengers to various locations.  They are however not allowed to operate in the city limits.  The style of taxi that will be found within Casablanca will be the “petit taxi” which can be easily identified by the signs around the luggage racks and their red color.  Fares are very inexpensive, with travel within city limits usually costing around $1 USD.  Fares are either metered or negotiated.  If a meter is not available, make sure to agree on a price before beginning a trip.  If the driver insists on charging a price that seems too high, don’t be afraid to get another cab, as there are usually plenty available.  For more information, visit Taxi travel in Morocco .

            Car travel within Morocco can be a great experience, but there are certain issues to take into consideration.  For example, the roads are not always in the best shape, accidents are common, and the road rules are not the same as in other countries.  Check out Driving in Morocco before deciding on this option.   There are numerous companies within Casablanca that rent cars (one of which can be seen here), but they tend to be fairly expensive.