Tanzanian roads tend to be rather poorly maintained. Less than 5% of them are paved, and most of them are within Dar es Salaam or are key routes between cities, so if you plan to wander outside the city center, be prepared for a bumpy road. If you plan to visit any national parks, make sure to use a 4-wheel drive vehicle, as it is the only one that can navigate the rough terrain. In most cases, you will only be able to drive yourself within Dar es Salaam, as safari vehicles must be rented with a driver and driving with your home permit is not allowed except within the capital city. People also drive on the left side of the road, a fact that may cause problems for United States and Canadian visitors.

There is no shortage of taxis in the city. Be aware of hawkers at the airport that offer to find a taxi for you, as they demand payment for services you do not need (since you could easily find a taxi by yourself). However, much of downtown can be explored on foot, so rarely will a car be necessary for getting about.

You can also visit the offshore island of Zanzibar via ferry. The trip takes about two hours each way, so it is definitely a full-day (or more) excursion.