By Air

    Luanda has an international airport, officially named Luanda 4 de Fevereiro, located near the city center. Flights arrive in the city via Johannesburg, London, Paris, Lisbon, Portugal and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil as well as from regional countries. TAAG (Airlines, the Angolan National airline, flies from the airport (Domestic Terminal) to other provinces in the country, including Cabinda, Soio, Luanda, Mbanza Congo, Uige, Dundo, Huambo, Benguela, Luena, Saurimo, Malange, Ondjiva, Lubango, Namibe, Menongue, and Kuito. Other airlines operating domestic routes include Air26, Sonair and Air Gemini.  

 On arrival you need to get an arrival card by showing your Yellow Fever certificate - collect it and fill it in while standing in the line. You need to get this stamped by the Health Inspector before you go to the immgaration officer (this is the 1st queue !) It all generally progresses very slowly - you could be there for an hour or more, but then again it normally takes that long for your baggage to get to the arrivals hall anyway !

    Travel from the airport to the city can be accomplished via taxi or rental car (or using Eco Tur who have English speaking drivers and good vehicles but contact them in advance). There are a few international car rental agencies located in the airport. Travel via unlicensed taxi service is discouraged, as it presents a risk of danger. If possible, avoid arriving at the airport after dark. If you must arrive after nightfall, it is imperative to arrange transportation in advance. One private taxi company that is generally recommended and safe is Macontaxi, other than that contact Eco Tur who can also take you to some of the spectacular (really!) attractions in and around Angola.

By Land

    Travel to Luanda to or from elsewhere in the country by land is discouraged unless you use an experienced guide, contact Eco Tur who know Angola well and can take you to some of the spectacular attractions in and around Angola. Roads were particularly unstable but getting a lot better (the Chinese, Brazilians and Portuguese have rebuilt 100's of kms of tar road in the last year or so) and as such much less hazardous.  The majority are now safe to travel as most main roads are now fully mine cleared. Train travel is possible  if uncomfortable and Just between namibe - Lubbango, Lobito - Benguela, Luanda - Viana, but changing fast.  The bus system is not really safe for tourists.