Ilha de Mussulo

    This island—a long, thin finger of sand running parallel to the Luandan coast—is located directly off the shore of Luanda and is the place to go for all manner of water sports. It is popular among surfers for its exposed break point and reasonably consistent surf and uncrowded beaches. The rip tide is strong, and sharks have been reported in the area, so express caution when surfing there. The best times for surfing are in the winter, as the sun during the summer is particularly strong. Windsurfing is also popular here, due to the strong winds coming from the northeast.

    Beachgoers should also find Mussulo particularly rewarding. Because of the length of the island, it is easy to find a sheltered, private beach with nobody in sight. On the eastern side of the island, the beaches are protected from the Atlantic, leaving pristine sand and stunning clear blue water. You may even spot a few flamingos from your beach chair.

    To reach the island, take Samba road south for five kilometers from Luanda and catch a ferry from in front of the Sol y Mar hotel and the Exxon housing complex.