Shopping Malls

There are at least three large modern shopping malls: Riverwalk by the village is popular for the large variety of restuarants, the cinema and a host of large retail stores including Pick and Pay supermarket.  Game City is enclosed and airconditioned it also has a large number of clothes shops, bookshops, music, Mugg and Bean...offering a large variety of different goods including food, fashion, banking, cinemas.


There are street vendors selling in the Main mall daily and on Saturdays outside other shopping malls.  Most of the curios seem to be made in Zimbabwe and were being sold by foriegners.  Botswanacraft has a large selection of Botswana baskets, pottery and other local art.


Thapong arts in the village hold exhibitions and host some artisans who make things in the yard.  Exhibitions are held at various places including Thapong, Alliance Francaise, the National Museum and Botswanacraft gallery.