The city of Tripoli is home to numerous nation’s National Archives and the Government Library, both of which are now open to the public. Additionally Tripoli has many interesting museums, and while many lack the scale of larger European museums these feature numerous fascinating exhibits and collections not seen anywhere else.

Among the most impressive is the Jamahiriya Museum, which is housed with the ancient castle-fortress complex within the center of the city. It features artifacts dating back to some 6000 years BC, along with cave paintings and rock carvings. The collections include pieces from the Punic, Greek and Roman eras as well as the later Ottoman, Berber and Arab cultures.

The city is also home to small but notable museums of Natural History, Archaeology, Ethnography and an Islamic museum. These are all in close proximity and together can be seen in a day or a two. With the opening of Tripoli to western tourists a greater emphasis is being placed on the museums and already the collections are expanding in size and scale. The city is rich in history and other points of interest include the 2 nd century Roman Triumphal Arch that was erected in honor of Emperor Marcus Aurelius, and the 16 th century AD Spanish fortress that was used to defend the harbor from attack.