As Bamako is the capital of Mali, flights into the city are regular from a variety of original starting points. Many carriers out of Europe and France in particular, serve Bamako as a regular destination. Other cities that have regular service to the capital of Mali include Dakar and Abidjan. The airport can be seen as quite busy, hectic, and a bit stressful to many tourists. When departing it is best to allow extra time to prepare for potential long lines and organization problems.

Upon arrival the airport is only six miles from the city center. Talk with airport officials as to the best taxis and shuttles into the city.

Currently, railway conditions are being improved and there is now a once a week service between Dakar and Bamako. For more information and timetables, click here.

It is important to note that Visas are required for entry into Mali for all nationals except French. The United States Government has a Consular Information page dedicated Mali which is full information regarding the current political climate in the country, safety and health concerns as well as the law differences. Checking with your own government or the host country's embassy is always a good idea before traveling to make sure you meet all of the entry-requirements. The U.S. government provides a list of requirements on the Consular Information page.