Throughout the year, visitors to Kigali , Rwanda have a number of opportunities to experience various unique festivals and events that are held around the country.

            The Rwanda Mini Film Festival was held in Kigali for the first time during a two week span in March of 2005.  This inaugural festival featured films made by students, professors, film makers and other artists, which were screened in various locations around the city.  The success of the first festival created high hopes for its return in the near future. 

            Liberation Day is a national holiday throughout Rwanda that celebrates the country’s liberation on July 4th 1994.  For much of the population this is a very sentimental day, as many Rwandan people still vividly remember the times around 1994. 

            The Hope Rwanda: 100 Days of Hope is a fundraising and awareness-raising event that is held to help the people of Rwanda overcome the horrors of the genocides experienced in 1994.  This is truly a global effort, as churches and private parties around the world will raise money, and many people will travel to Rwanda to help hands-on. 

            For more information about Kigali happenings throughout the year, check out this Holidays and Festivals Calendar.