Visitors to Kampala have numerous options for getting around the city, as well as to surrounding areas, using public transportation. 

            There are many buses available in Kampala that travel around the city as well as to other areas of the country.  The bus stations (Horizon Bus Terminal, next to Qualicell Buillding; Namayiba Bus Terminal on Rashid Khamis Road; The Kisenyi Bus Terminal near Owino Market), which is located in the city center, is a good place to go for route, fare and timetable information.  Another good place to obtain information about traveling through Uganda by bus is the National Tourism office, which is also located in the city center.  There are various classes and styles of buses to choose from, which can be comfortable as well as overcrowded and hot.  

            Minibuses are available throughout Kampala, and work as a type of taxi.  These buses can be hailed from the side of the road, and can fit a large number of people.  Fares should be negotiated with the driver before beginning a journey.

              Regular car taxis are also available around Kampala.  One such company is the ABM Taxi, which can be contacted at: +256 41 344590.  It is possible to find cabs in many places around the city, including the various taxi ranks found in public areas.  Fares are to be negotiated, and should be agreed upon before beginning a journey. 

            Train travel is possible from Kampala through much of Uganda.  For more information, visit the Tourist Office in the city center.