Being in the heart of Africa, it is interesting that many of the festivals and holidays celebrated in Uganda are of Christian roots.  Although the British have had a major impact on the country, certain celebrations have survived from pre-European times.

            Holidays such as Christmas and Easter are celebrated throughout Uganda, and are considered public holidays.  The end of December can be an interesting time to visit the country, as Christmas and New years carry a different flair in Africa.

            The Kampala International Film Festival was held for the first time in 2004, and was a big success.  Plans are to make the festival an annual event, which is held during a week and a half in May (4th through the 14th in 2006), and showcases various styles of film, ranging from classic to contemporary.   Audiences are treated to screenings, lectures, and other performances at various locations around the city.

            October 9th marks the date on which Uganda gained its independence in 1962.  This is a public holiday and is celebrated throughout the country.

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