If you are planning to travel to India be aware of the expense and trouble required to obtain a simple tourist visa. The application forms are far from straight forward and require passport photos, postal orders, photocopies to prove residency and registered post.

Visas cost Approx £92 for British Citizens; which can add to what may already be an expensive trip. In general, though, Indian visas cost the same in a country as that country charges Indian nationals for visas. So if youre coming from the UK to India and paying X amount, that the same amount an Indian has to pay to get a UK Visa.Hence the Visa fee differs from country to country, and you should contact your local Indian Embassy/Consulate for what fees are applicable for your country.

Outsourced Visa handling is now a globally-accepted practive, but these companies will also charge for their services. 

Plan far in advance of your travel dates, so that you can have plenty of time to get all of your travel documentation in order, without the added expense of expeditied processing or outsourced handling.

Be prepared for a long, long wait at the Visa Office in Victoria, London - over 3 hours! And don't just bring passport photos with you as they will be rejected as too small and you will be sent over the road to photo shop where they will scan and resize your photos. This you can easily (and more cheaply) do on your home printer if you have one. Photos MUST be 5x5 cms or 2x2 inches. Collecting the visa was far more efficient and took only 30 mins - just don't arrive too early and give them time to clear the initial surge.

Be prepared to fill a lengthy visa application out for U.S. citizens as well. U.S. citizens are given the option for same day visas when processing in person at the Indian Embassies. However, if you are of Pakistani origin - regardless of citizenship, THE MINIMUM PROCESSING TIME IS 6 WEEKS. No exceptions, book flights accordingly.

 Victoria office is now closed so only two offices remain for visa applications. Therefore expect to wait much longer if planning to visit the visa office in person. Using visa agencies will be one of the options. Another important thing to remember is you cannot book your visa in advance as per your travel date as someone really got caught out recently. They  willl grant the visa from the day the application is recieved/processed in the high commision/VHS offfice (  applied on 30th Oct to have it start from Jan 18 for 6 months but they issued it on Oct 30th and now the visa runs out 4 days before the date of departure from the country , they said everyone should  read the fine print about the visa issue date on the VHS website, so now there is a task  to get a new visa closer to date of travel.......)

It is worth nothing that if you are a British national living in Spain the current charge (04/14) for a tourist visa is a whopping 195 €.