Tips To Help You Undertake the Safe Solo Travel 

Travelling alone is often horrifying for most of the people, but always leaves them with a lifetime trip of their life. Everyone love to share the story of their first alone travel with the same excitement that they must have felt after completing of their journey and often termed it as an adventurous journey of their life. Almost everyone needs to travel alone at least for once in their lifetime either because of choice or necessity. Some people like to go for trekking alone, some like to explore lesser known places in their country and rest others love visiting foreign countries alone. No matter what is your interest and reason behind the solo travel, it is important to keep the below given tips in mind for having a safe solo trip.   
1. Prepare yourself for the worst:

Carry copies of important documents such as ID card, passport, travel insurance, air tickets and others documents always with you while travelling. Also, have the scanned attachments of all these documents in the mails so that in case you lost your bag, you still have the copies of your papers with you. Share your hotel, bank and credit card details with your family. Also, share any your emergency contact for safety purpose. 

2. Follow the country’s dress code:  

Make sure to research about the local wear of the country you will be travelling to in advance and pack your cloths accordingly. It is suggested to dress modestly to avoid unwanted attention and being embarrassed for not following the dressing guidelines of the country.   
3. Don’t be over friendly with strangers:
Never indulge in talking with strangers or share your accommodation details with them, unless required. Be careful when talking to the unfamiliar person in a new place. Do not become over friendly with any unknown personal and even try to avoid people who are trying to become your friend without any reason.   
3. Never accept any free stuff from strangers:
 When travelling to any new destination, do not accept any kind of free stuff like drinks, food, etc. from strangers. They may be offering you free stuff with wrong intention. If you do not feel comfortable in eating alone, then it is advisable to dine in the room of your hotel and ask them for room service. 

4. Carry your cash and luggage carefully:

Never leave your luggage alone while travelling in train or local buses in foreign country. Also, it is essential to take extra care of your luggage, especially while taking in and out of the airport or train. Do not carry any expensive item like laptop, jewelry, etc. and cash in your main luggage. Further, do not carry huge amount of cash with you. Instead of carrying cash, it is advisable to carry your credit card for making the major payments.  

5. Learn some local words and phrases:
One of the most important tips for travelling alone is to learn at least some words or phrases in the local language of the country you will be travelling alone. Language barrier in a new place can get you into any trouble. In order to avoid becoming victim of issues caused because of language difference, it is good to learn a few common phrases and popular worlds so that you can communicate with the locals when there is no one near to you, who can understand your language and revert back. 

If you are planning a solo trip for yourself, then make sure to keep these above mentioned tips for travelling alone in your mind. Plan your trip well in advance and get all your bookings done before landing in a new country. Remember, a proper planning can allow you to have a hassle free trip with some great lifetime memories. You can enjoy your trip at the fullest by ensuring the above given tips for solo traveling and behaving actively. Read as much as you can about the place you are going to visit so that you can handle all the local situations confidently and in far better manner.