The reality is that even though everything the guide books tell you about the problems of travelling in Inda are true, they greatly exaggerate both the frequency and the hassle factor.

Yes, you will learn to use the bicycle and motorized rickshaws that look scary. Great fun and always cheap. Yes, you will probably find the odd bad or overpriced hotel. You should have consulted Trip Advisor!

India, despite appearances is incredibly safe. If they see a foreigner with a lost look on his face, somebody will come to his assistance and yes it might cost you a whole dollar but you will be treated with respect.

Here is a tip: Get a whole load of 20 and 50 rupee notes as soon as you get to India.  For a 10 day trip, you will find that a half a dozen times a day you will have need of these small notes for rickshaw drivers, porters, beggars, guides, etc. You will be far happier shelling out these trifling amounts then if you have bigger denominations in your pocket. It can be a bit of a challenge in the Golden Triangle getting a lot of small notes because everything is quite expensive and the 100 rupee note is the most common bill. In Goa where everything is a fifth of the price, you will get lots of small notes.

Bring higher denomination us $ bills. 50 or 100 of series later than 2003. You get a better price.  

Lastly, if you are doing the classic Golden Circle route (and the itineraries in Frommers are perfect, by the way) consider flying as much as possible between the cities. You will find that driving between cities in India is not pleasant. One day is quite enough. The roads are narrow, congested, and appear to be very dangerous.  Look into the package deals with Jet Airways.