Travelling overseas, the most important thing to have is the local currency! If you are not from Hongkong, China or United States, your country currency may not be not easily available outside the airport for exchange. Only two banks in Taiwan accepts Singapore currency and you have to have your passport with you. Otherwise for a lower rate, major hotels do offer the service but mostly in Taipei only. Common currency for the banks are US dollar, Renmibi and Hongkong dollar.

Recommended to change more money at the airport which by far offers the best rates.

Next is nature's call. Most of the toliets are very well-kept at the attractions and airport. Learn to squat! That was one thing you may not used to. Also do not throw tissue papers or foreign objects into the toliet bowl, there is a bin for that.

Taipei underground mall is great shopping for families with young kids as its variety is just as good and not so challenging when your children are cool and walking safely on even grounds.

Must buy Easycard, it is commonly used for travel of all mode and shopping! Did regret not getting it and have to dig for coins, also in the end you might just spend more paying cash even for a short stay.