An often asked question, "how to get from the airport to the hotel?"

When you arrive at the airport and exit immigration you will enter an arrival hall. This is immediately before you exit the terminal building. For those with pre-arranged transfers this is where you will find your pick up person. (You will also see lots of touts who will approach you).

To get a cab from the airport you need to go to the taxi coupon booth.  Once you have collected your checked luggage, go to a taxi counter (you can't miss them). Tell them where you are going and pay the flat fee of 120฿ (for city area locations) AT the counter.

They will give you a two part receipt and tell you where to exit to find your driver. As you walk out of the exit a driver will claim you and take his (yellow carbon copy) half of the receipt (you will keep your original part).  

It is only a short distance (15 mins) to most hotels in and around Chiang Mai. 

One tip is to make sure you get your taxi driver's business card with his phone number. Taxis generally do not cruise the streets in Chiang Mai. Most transport around town is by Tuk Tuk or Songthaew (the red trucks with bench seats).  If you prefer to travel around by air conditioned car, you can just call your driver and organise a pick up. You might also like to check their ½ day and full day rates to take you around the Chiang Mai region.

Returning to the airport can be easily organised by either calling your taxi driver, taking a songthaew or negotiating a price with a tuk tuk (80฿-100฿)

You have two kind of taxis at the airport:

1. Chiang Mai Airport Taxi

2. Taxi Meter


For both taxi's there is a booth in the arrival hall at CNX Airport. 




You could arrange in advance for your hotel to pick you up . If you’ve done that you should see someone holding a card with your name on it in the arrivals hall. Typical Cost: Varies by hotel - usually around 580 baht, but sometimes over 1200 baht.

You could also use the official "Chiang Mai Airport Taxi service". You’ll see their booths in both the baggage and arrivals hall.
They are not much expensive than public taxis but you can haggle a bit over rates, and they have modern comfortable saloons (sedans) and passenger vans.
Average Time: About 15 to 35 minutes depending on distance and traffic conditions.

There are many other private transfer options available that could cost less than what a hotel will charge.

Some examples:

Chiang Mai Airport Transfer Services - ATT offers private transfers for up to 2 people for a total cost of 580 THB.

"Oriental Escape" offers airport transfers beginning at 700 baht.

You can find many other private transfer providers mentioned  in the Chiang Mai Forum.


Chiang Mai Expert Driver provides affordable taxi fares dependent upon distance between city drop off/pick up point and airport.

Check their website for fares, bookings and contact details.