In Saigon ( aka HCMC) You can find cheap eat every where : in the market, round the corner of your neighborhood, Ma and Pa' make shift "restaurant" , just a table and few small stools around. A bowl of noodle ( all kind of noodle) is about 15 .000 Dong ( increased from 8.000 to 10.000 Dong caused from inflating)., and a baguette filled with rolled meat, cucumber will set you back a mere 10000 VND too.

Ben Thanh market and any Saigon's market has a large food section: you can find in this section Pho ( beef noodle), koey tew, Bun Bo Hue ( beef noodle Hue's style ) , rice cake, rice pancake ect.... all is very cheap!!

 As of March 2012, those noodle dishes are now closer to 25-30,000 vnd; and those banh mi (Vietnamese sandwiches) from 15-20,000 vnd. Personally, Eating around Ben Thanh market is similar to eating at Fisherman's wharf in San Francisco - tourist food and higher prices.  Get away from center city to find the "real thing" in Saigon.

 You can find some fun and intereseting  cheap eats around Ho Chi Minh City at