Vietnam National Administration of Tourism operates a website at You will find all that you need to know to plan your trip to Vietnam. The site will give you an overview of Vietnamese history and culture that include their language and liteary works, art perfirmances, architecture, food, and traditions. Follow Vietnamese history and get an idea of the religious beliefs of the people.

Also, find more practical inforation about visas, customs procedures, currency, time and working hours, adresses of Vietnam Governmental Agencies and weather. You will find the answers to your questions about air, railway, road and sea transportation. Also, check the documentation and procedures required at border crossings.

The site includes some useful features such as three search machines to find attractions and events by region, by name and by category. As well, following a magazine format, it includes articles about events in Vietnam and around the world related to the country's culture, economy and politics. It also lists festivals and tourism events. To access an updated schedule, log on to .

The site has a Vietnamese, French, English, Chinese and Japanese version and you will find the same amount of information in each of these languages.

You can get, only in French, the Vietnam Guide Touristique with tons of information bout dining, transporation, tourism departments and lodging.

Other sites that you can check out for information are: and