The issue of 'Tipping' causes much discussion and heartache.  Some people feel uncomfortable about the whole idea, others are passionate about ensuring the hard working staff on the islands are duly rewarded.  Whatever your opinion,  remember that tipping is not compulsory.  It is entirely up to the individual and whether you choose to tip or not,  the service you receive will not be affected.  Having said that, tipping is part of the Maldivian culture so it can sometimes seem as if staff are 'waiting' for a tip.  Whist they may be hopeful, failure to tip will not be held against you. 

Tipping does not need to break the bank, but if you intend tipping staff then it is important to factor it into your holiday budget.  If you allow between $200 - $300 for a 2 week holiday, you won't go far wrong.  However, if you stay on a  5* or 5*+ island , it is possible that staff may have come to expect 5* tips and you will need to budget accordingly!

The first part of the article on the following link contains suggestions regarding who to tip, how much and when.