Istanbul have many Shopping Malls and the majority of them are on European side. The most popular Malls in European side are generally on the Metro Route which goes between Taksim-Istinye Metro Stations.

These malls can be reached by metro easily as will be given below. Furthermore by taking the fenuculer line from Taksim to Kabatas then by taking light-metro (which goes above the ground similar like tram) can be reached to Egyptian Bazaar, Hagia Sophia, Sultan Ahmet, Grand Bazaar. Even by changing metro, can be reached untill Ataturk Airport. So route below is for the shopping monster for them to reach easily in one full day.

First Shopping Mall in this arcticle for the malls on Taksim-Istinye Metro Route is Demiroren Istiklal Shopping Center and it is only 6-7 minutes walking distance from the beginning station of metro in Taksim Square on Istklal Street.

After a 6-7 minutes walk from Demiroren Istiklal Shopping Center, once reaching to metro from Taksim Square, need to get off at the second station which is Mecidikekoy/Sisli. Without getting out to street level, by following Sisli signs, one can get directly to Istanbul Cevahir Mall from its first beasement floor.

Close to Cevahir Mall there is another mall which is Profilo Alisveris Merkezi and it is also in walking distance from Mecidiyekoy/Sisli metro station. It is at the opposite direction of Cevahir Mall and need to go out to street level and walk about 6-7 minutes to Mecidiyekoy direction. Anybody will show it if you ask as Profilo.

Two nos of stations after Mecidiyekoy/Slsli comes 1. Levet metro station. When you get off in this station, without getting out to street level, one can reach to the mall of Metrocity Alisveris Merkezi directly from metro underground.

Just right next to Metrocity Mall is Kanyon Shopping Center and it is connected to same 1. Levet metro station and have direct underground access through metro line and also from Metrocity Mall.

In the same neighbourhood there is also anothe mall name Akmerkez Alisveris Merkezi which is the oldest of all malls given in this article and is renovated recently so it is in good condition. It is about 15-20 minutes walking distance from the same 1. Levent metro station.

One stop after 1. Levent metro station Sapphire Mall comes at 4. Levent metro station. It can be reached from underground without going out to street level. It is the highest building of Istanbul and have a watch-terrace at the last floor where one can enjoy entire Istanbul from high above with a fee around USD 11.

Two nos of stations after 4. Levent station comes ITU Maslak metro station and after around 9-10 minutes downhill walk through Istinye direction will come the last mall on the metro route; Istinye Park Mall.
It is from the top malls together with Kanyon however Istinye Park have more international known top brands and more shopping varieties. It is very big and more for mid-up and upper cost shopping.It also has an outside court at the ground level which is directly connected with the mall with central restaurants that are surrounded with international top brands.

These are all the Malls in Istanbul that can be reached by Metro on Taksim-Istinye route. If you extend your trip on those metro lines, it can be easily reached until Grand Bazaar .