Families, couples, singles, all will love Eilat with its attractively designed high-rise hotels with pools and restaurants, but they won't spend much time in their hotel! Eilat offers everyone a multitude of activities for all ages and, to make life easy, most of the attractions and activities can be booked through the very helpful office of Eilat Attractions on the promenade near the marina.

Scuba-diving and snorkelling are obvious attractions in these lovely warm waters of the Gulf of Aqaba. The facilities available equal those on the Red Sea at Sharm el Sheikh, from high-end one-to-one instruction at hotels such as the Royal Beach, to inexpensive 2 hour introductory courses at Lady-Go-Dive.

The coral reef which streches south of Eilat past the Egyptian border is easily accessible from the Coral Beach Resort, a short distance past the port of Eilat, but the easiest way to enjoy the fantastic undersea world of the coral reef is by visiting the Underwater Observatory, which must be one of the best holiday experiences of any resort. The wide-windowed double gallery is 6 metres below sea level and gives a close encounter with the fabulous fishes, the beautiful corals and the inter-relation between the two, without getting your feet wet or having to cope with heavy equipment. To actually ride along the reef there is a yellow submarine, the Coral Pearl, to take you on a marvellous underwater sea safari. The park includes aquaria, a re-created indoor reef with many of the fish in tanks, a large shark and ray tank, turtle pools, and a motion-theatre experience at the Oceanarium. There are exhibits of latest research such as clown fish or seahorses; a neat self-service restaurant and snack bars and shop. A wonderful day out.

Wildlife enthusiasts can find other marvels too: talk to, or swim with, the intelligent, friendly dolphins at the Dolphin Reef, and visit the Bird Reserve just at the north end of the city, where experts will tell you how important Eilat is on the bird migration route from Europe to Africa, and demonstrate with lovely examples of migrating birds such as shrikes, willow warblers, and Spanish sparrows, how these birds cope with their vast journeys.

 For families who enjoy Disney type adventures there is the Kings City Theme Park with hair-raising rides and fantasy exhibits to excite and thrill. For those who like the desert adventures can be experienced on the back of a camel at the Texas Ranch, or by taking a jeep safari through the canyons of layered red rocks of the Negev Desert.

 For those who love watersports, jet-skiing, speed-boats, kite-surfing, and all kinds of boat trips are available and for those who prefer more leisurely ways of enjoying the sea there are leisurely sailboat trips in schooners down the Gulf.

And after all this activity, back by your hotel there are the myriad beach bars, the promenade with its designer shops and market stalls, the funfair and kamikaze rides, even an ice-bar!