In a city like Haifa, the best way to feel at home is to get acquainted with the local neighborhoods. While there are too many tiny ones to mention, these are the major areas of town and a description of what you’ll find in each one.
  • Port District: This includes not only the commercial harbor but also the residential areas in the lower city. The port of Haifa is used for shipping and trade, and it has the highest volume of passenger ships in Israel. The port district is lively and perfect for people-watching, though don’t expect to get very far on foot because Haifa’s hills aren’t made for walking.
  • Hadar Hacarmel: This is the historic neighborhood of Haifa and where many of its cultural institutions and museums are located. The neighborhood is also ideal for shopping because there are plenty of street vendors and markets. The actual residential area is small, but many Haifa locals work in the Hadar Hacarmel office buildings.
  • Mount Carmel: Haifa’s prominent mountain is a residential area, with relatively modern homes that often boast spectacular views. Crowning Mt. Carmel is the University of Haifa, where anyone can climb the Eshkol Tower and look out on the lower city and the harbor.