A visit to the Emek Tzurim sifting project ,just outside the Old City walls, is one of the highlights of any tourists visit to Jerusalem.  The project, supported by a local university has collected 400 truck loads of material which was excavated from under the al-Aqsa mosque in order to 'build' the largest mosque in the area, right under the Temple Mount.  An exciting activity, visitors are first given a short but comprehensive overview of the work being done and what has been found.  The excitement of finding a Roman nail, Crusader pottery, animal bones, or a coin from the Umayyad period is comparable to nothing else similar other than an actual archaeological dig. The guides at the site are always there willing and able to interpret your finds. Who knows you may find a piece that will one day be found in a museum. A call  to the City of David will get you an appointment. Opening hours are 9-3 each day, occasionally a bit later during busy season. The site is open daily year round, except the sabbath and holidays. Appointments can be made at the last minute most of the year.  The site is located less than a 5 minute ride from Lion's Gate, on the Mt. of Olives, just under the vantage point near the Augusta Victoria hospital in the Tzurim Valley.  The site is clearly marked, as well as the access roads to it.

City of David Web site for appointments