A really pleasant way to spend a Friday morning is to go the the arts and crafts Fairs in Jerusalem. Every Friday there is a lovely fair on Bezalel street and Shatz street, which go off kind George street. There are lovely designer stores in the area and the Fair is full of fun stalls selling interesting Israeli vintage and T shirts, ceramics, jewellery as well as interesting art and gifts for kids. You are unlikely to see these wares in the stores as they are made by independent artists. At the top of Bezalel there is a designer compound , with about 20 artists and crafts people making gorgeous stuff, leather bags interesting clocks, ceramics and the like. These whole are of Bezalel street has a lovely feel. Its worth going to the coffee shops in the area. Some of the stores are great too like Sofia who has designer clothes from some of the best designer in Israel. Miri who runs the place is a real character. Barbara Shaw Gifts next door at No2 is always worth a visit she has the best selection of interesting and unusual gifts in the city.

Another fair is on Emek Refaim in the courtyard of the Adam school. This fair is also worth visiting. They have a farmers market as well so you can taste some authentic foods.Emek refaim is a great place to stroll down on Friday Moorning - great coffee shops and food.

 On monday afternoons at 5 pm. The Jerusalem Theatre has fantastic free classical concerts with outstanding performers. The concert lasts an hour. A really worthwile activity if classical music is your inclination.