Travellers do not fly directly into Makkah. You will arrive in King Abdul Aziz International Airport in the city of Jeddah and travel to Makkah which is 72 kilometres (45 miles) by bus, private car or taxi. The most popular airlines servicing this airport are British Airways, BMI, Etihad, Emirates and Saudi Arabian Airlines.

The Saudi Arabian Public Transport Company (SAPTCO) provide a hourly air conditioned bus service between Makkah and Jeddah. It is the cheapest way to go but can be time consuming. Costs are about 50 SAR per person. There is a rail link being built that will link Jeddah, Makkah and Medina due to open in late 2012.

Taxis are plentiful and you will see drivers hanging about at the arrivals lounge. Taxi drivers do not go by the meter and a price has to be negotiated before you set off. It is likely that at the airport there is a fixed price and you may have to pay first. In 2011, during peak pilgramage period expect to pay 300-400 SAR to go to Makkah. In non peak periods the price can go down to 150-250 SAR.

If you are going to Medina by taxi you could be looking to pay 600 SAR during peak periods, more if the vehicle is a bigger car such as a GMC.