Bahrain is a series of islands, but Manama is connected to other islands and to mainland Saudi Arabia by causeways. This means international travelers have several options when it comes to arriving and departing. The most common means of transportation into and out of Manama are airplane and car.

The Bahrain International Airport is located just north of Manama (Muharraq), less than five kilometers away by bus or car. The airport is small and serviced by many airlines now.  Estimated flight time to Bahrain from London is about 7 hours; from Los Angeles it is 18 hours. Once at the airport, you can rent a car or take a bus over the causeway to Manama, a ten or fifteen minute journey.

Driving to Manama is possible if you are coming from the main island or from Saudi Arabia. The King Fahd causeway connects Manama with al Khobar , an eastern coastal region of Saudi Arabia. From anywhere within Bahrain, Manama is just a short drive north. Car travel within the city is recommended so it is certainly helpful to drive your own car there, if you can.