Iranian carpets cover the entire range of types more comprehensively than those of any other country. For centuries village and city weaving in Iran has been of a commercial nature, though most of the country's nomadic and tribal rugs were unaffected by this. To undestand Iranian rugs it is best to consider them from the point of view of the weaver's lifestyle.


The carpet museum was founded in 1978 with a beautiful architecture and facade resembeling a carpet-weaving loom. It is located on northwest of Laleh Park in Tehran borrowing part of this beautiful park. It is in 7-8 minutes walking distance to Contemporary Art Museum. It is composed of two exhibition galleries in two floors covering an area of 3400 m2. The ground floor gallery is for permanent exhibitions of astonitiong designs and works and the upper floor gallery is considered for the temporary exhibitions of carpets, kilims and carpet museums.


You can find The list of collections in here:

To have a virtual tour in the museum you can go to this link: which contains the gift store, fist floor exhibition and second floor exhibition.

 Opening hours: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. in winter and 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. The exihibition gallery and library are closed in Mondays.

The tickets costs less than 2 euro and it is free for members of association of the friends of Cultural Heritage and ICOM with ID cards. Also, there is a discount for students.

For more information about opening hours at special occasions you can always call: +98(21) 88962703 - 88967707

 To get the the carpet museum: It is located on North-west corner of Laleh Park, Fatemi and Kargar junction. It is easily reached by public transportation or automobile. For public transportation you can use metro lines 3 (green) and 4 (blue) to reach Enqelab square:

From wherever in the city you are, you can find busses to the destination Enqelab Square, and from there you should walk to the square and head to the northern Kargar (Kargar-e-shomali). The carpet museum is within 20 minutes walk distance or you can reach thre using several busses (to 'kuye nasr', etc) or hiring a taxi which costs less than 1 euro.