Beirut was once considered the Paris of the Middle East, but after years of civil war and unrest, the city was destroyed and suffered horrible hardships. However, in the past decade, the city has undergone many changes and reconstruction, and with that, nightlife has returned to the city.  If you head down to Rue Gouraud (a very popular street in Gemmayzeh) you will find dozens of pubs and a lots of restaurants.


Beirut is by far best known for its intense clubbing and fantastic party atmosphere. Some of the world's most trendy, stylish and exclusive clubs are scattered around beirut. Rooftop clubs such as the legendary SKYBAR, Pier 7, White, Iris and Square are the summer musts! Buddha bar, Palais, Chocolate club and MAison Blanche are open all year round and attract international clubbers with their unique ambiance. 


Also in Ashrafieh is "Rue Monot" were you will also find a veried pubs. You can relax and talk with friends, and there is a friendly atmosphere.This is also a spot that a lot of tourists visit, so because of that it is usually pretty busy, which makes for a good nightlife. Another area to visit is Rue Bliss, also known as Hamra. This street is like Rue Monot, but it is not as big. Still, there are good clubs and bars lined on the streets. The drinks are pretty inexpensive because of the value of the currency, and good crowds can develop on the weekends. On these streets you can also walk around and feel safe because they are packed with tourists, and there are security details all around. Also there is the "Downtown" area were you will find many restaurants with many different choices in foods.