If you have time to go around Oman, go and see the turtles in Ras Al Hadd, it's run by the government so there's a charge to enter but it's only one or two rial omani (US$2.5-US$5.00 or GBP2-3). It's a small campsite, which only has some park benches and a small concreted shade area, but there are omani guides that will take you down to the beach to show you the turtles laying their eggs or hatching (depending on the season).

There are also many Wadi's and beaches where you can go for a day trip/picnic which are beautiful, ask any tour guide/travel place and they could list hundreds of nice places for couples and/or families/singles. 

Many only have a limited time for a visit in Muscat - What to see?

Muttrah Souk is one of the nicest souks in the Middle East and most worthy of some hours to visit. Many locals can be seen shopping here. Open early in the morning to late evening. Most shoppers are in the evening - mid morning a good time to visit and not too hot. The souk has recently seen some renovations including a new entrance area near the Corniche or sea side. They sell most things - and even have a barber shop with cheap prices.

There are many bargains to be found - if you are willing to "haggle". Some bargaining tools: 

  • The first sale of the day is good luck to the vendor - if visiting early mention this.
  • The first price is never the price a vendor is willing to accept.
  • The vendor will usually ask you how much you are willing to pay - never fall for this tactic. You have automatically set a bottom price for the item.  Ask for his price. If asked for a price, a good answer is "Zero, I do not need the item." This will have vendor on the defensive.
  • Look to several merchants for a price on an item - this permits you to see the pattern. Try to pay 50% of the original price on most things.
  • Perfume is found in many shops- they will mix what you like and offer many beautiful bottles to keep this treasure. It's usually a good bargain.
  • Gold jewelry is also a good bargain, because much of the jewellry is made in India with low labor cost . Gold is sold by weight. Look in the newspaper (GulfNews, Oman Observer etc.) for latest gold price before your visit the shops.
  • You will usually get a better price without a credit card. Several money changers are found in the Souk  for your convenience. ATM machines are also just outside the entrance.

When you are finished shopping, the taxis at the stand just outside the entrance will take you anywhere. Haggle the price in advance before entering taxi.

You may wish to visit the fish and vegetable market just a few hundred meters away from the souk. Watch the small fishing boats unload their catch from tuna to sardines. The fish market is very active - selling, cutting up and preserving this catch. It's a fun visit and it's no problem to take photos.

Another must see: the new Sultan Quaboos Mosque is a wonder! The huge Mosque is just a few years old - a gift to the country by its Ruler, a fine man. This must be seen to be appreciated. It's colorful but tasteful, with fantastic carpetting and lighting.

 Highly recommended is a trip to Shangrila Bar Al Jissah hotel which is just outside muscat, nestled between teh mountains and secluded from the city it has many restaurants & also offers many marine sports. Perfect for a romantic gateaway or family break.

 For a wilder experience in the heart of nature, turn right (from muscat towards Shangrila) to the entry before the diving club to a location called Qantab with basic facilities (bathrooms, cafe) and camp overnight to wake up to a beautiful sea & island view.