Arrivals to Doha airport now are in a new terminal, away from the main terminal..has eased some of traffic issues. All Doha arrivals come in through this terminal...on main corniche road, still within the airport perimeter. Transits are bussed to original terminal still, where departures leave from...this has dispersed some of the traffic problems. Getting on or off plane in Doha always involves handicapped/infirm people may need help...have to get down steep stairs of plane usually.

 Can use Al Marhaba at airport to meet and a cost of 120QR? from the plane and get you through customs, immigration etc. Visa costs 120QR as well....tourist visa lasts 30 days and can be bought on arrival depending on your native country and whether they have agreement with Qatar. Check government websites.Be cards only at immigration.

Loads of taxis at airport...controlled...not always the cleanest in the world! Limos also available as twice the cost, drivers usually speak English. Hotels can provide pick up cars, pretty expensive though.

Traffic can be busy at certain times...Doha is small but gridlocked....factor in when going to airport.