Shopping in Doha is nearly a tourist experience in itself.  Whether seeking Western wares or specialty foods, there are ample outlets of souvenirs as well as outposts of Americana for the homesick.

The City Center Mall opened its doors in May 2001; it contains many native Qatari shops, dozens upon dozens of familiar retail, and Starbuckses around several corners.  Be warned though that Fridays is Family day; singles are not allowed entry.

Another quality shopping center in the capital is the Hyatt Mall, a one-floor one-stop spot for groceries, baked goods, meats, electronics, and other practical items.  There are also jewelry stores here, along with a food court.

The latest addition to modern shopping malls is Villaggio, located across the road from Hyatt Mall; the italian themed malls has a great portfolio of international names in fashion as well as a food court, cinema, an ice-skating ring and actual canal & gondola!

The best places to shop, however, are the local souq markets, one of the most notable being the Souq Waqif, where one can haggle over traditional wares in a traditional environment.  Grab your jewellery here, your handicrafts, fabrics and spices.  Shops open later in the day, so get to business in the bazaars in the late afternoon or early evening. Take a break in one of the cafes on the main road, some have external air conditioning.

Souvenir items can be found much cheaper at the City Center than at the Souk.  Upon shopping at both many times the same souvenirs are double the price at the Wakif Souk.  The Souk is worth the visit in the evening to sit and smoke shisha at an outside café and do some people watching.