There are three companies that organize Mangrove Kayaking Trips in Abu Dhabi.  Ask your hotel for further information or contact the companies directly (see details below). 

 A kayak tour involves going along with a group of other kayaking members, down a  very scenic and relaxing, fun deep mangrove water trail following others.  Many people have gone on these trips and have had a great time! So, for water sport lovers,  fun trip,  highly recommended.

As one goes through the mangroves you see a different side of Abu Dhabi,  you can see schools of fish wading in the waters, and several kinds of birds around. Don't worry if when disembarking something crawls over your feet, that would be just some crabs!

All kayakers must wear a life jacket at all times, whether on a tour or renting a kayak without a tour.


 Noukhada Adventure Company : +971 (0)2 558 1889 or +971 (0) 50 7218928 or

Sea Hawk Water Sports: +971 (0)2 673 6688 or +971 (0)55 548 3534 or