Though many of the Punta-locals have the privilege of jetting in to the small beach town on the coast of Uruguay, for those not-as-privileged, there are several options to travel to Punta. There are some regional plane services offered from Colonia del Sacramento and Montevideo. There are also about 6 to 10  flights a day from Buenos Aires (leaving Aeroparque Jorge Newbery) during high season at Punta (which is between 15 December and 4 March).  If traveling during the high season, especially the two weeks before and after New Years, it is recommended to make flights far in advance because these flights sell out fast.

Traveling from Buenos Aires to Punta is often not the preferred option because the trip can be long, uncomfortable and unpredictable. Also, the past few years, protesters have suddenly shut down the road to Punta (as there are only a few roads to the destination). Thus, travelers can be stuck for hours in these road blocks.  

One of the best budget and efficient ways to get to Punta is via Buquebus. From Buenos Aires, travelers can take a ferry to Colonia (1 hour) or Montevideo ( 2 hours). The ferries are large and comfortable, with long rows of seats throughout and a cafeteria. Once the ferry arrives at the designated destination, its travelers then pile into buses that finish the trip to Punta, between 1.5 to 2 hours. However, this travel time does not seem to bother some of the young travelers; Buenos Aires youth have been known to party till dawn in BA, hop of the train/ferry, sleep and arrive in Punta in time for a leisurely lunch.
When in Punta, it is always better to have a vehicle or to rent one. Also mopeds or bicycles can be rented (most of the avenues have bike path). However, taxis are also accepted.