Archaeologists have determined that civilization exited in the area of Bogota thousands of years ago. However, in 1499, Christopher Columbus landed on the Colombian shores and then Spain tried to take over the land and all of the Indians who lived here.

Spain eventually took most of the Indians as hostages and took away their land. By the late years in the 18th century, residents of Colombia were fed up with the Spanish rulers and finally, the residents of the land became independent.

Once independent, residents of Colombia broke into two different factions… those who considered themselves to be “conservatives,” and those who considered themselves to be “liberals.” The two groups fought numerous wars until 1899.

Living in Colombia was peaceful from about 1899 until 1948, when the two groups began fighting again. The two parties, however, were able to live in relative peace until about 1948 until about 1974 due to an established “National Front.” When the National Front ended, that sparked the formation of several guerilla groups which were extremely left-winged – which still exist to this day and make it very hard for the government in Colombia to run properly and effectively.

Other problems for the Colombian government revolve around drug cartels which bring in an incredible amount of money to the country, and increased terrorism continues to be a problem for Bogota and Colombia .