When arriving in Bogota, and after going through Immigration and the Aduana (Customs - please remember to collect your special Customs Departure Authorisation that will provide you with a considerable discount in departure taxes, if you are a foreigner and a Non Resident), travelers will see booths with 'Taxi' signs.  Here in this cabin they will enquire where you are going, and provide you with a ticket with the price.  Check the price before giving it to the Taxi driver.  Also remember to ask the name of the Taxi company, normally visible on the exterior of the Taxi.  Taxi fares to the most popular hotels and areas in Bogota range from 15.000 to 30.000 Colombian Pesos (7 to 15 USD).

You can also arrange in advance taxi service from your hotel or host.

When departing, any taxi will take you to the Airport. There is a small surcharge to take you to the airport (around 1 USD).

In Bogota, airport control is one of the most complex in the whole world. Arrive, at least, 3 hours before your flight for international travel, and 1 hour before the flight for domestic travel. Be prepared to go through, at least, 4 security filters. Unless you travel early in the morning or late at night you have to allow additional travel time to the Airport due to heavy traffic.

 Also be aware that starting 2007 the airport will be undergoing extensive renovations and construction.