Most travelers arrive to Papua New Guinea by air, specifically from Australia to Port Moresby, the capital. For instance, a popular route is to fly into Australia or Asia on an international carrier. Then from that hub, travelers can fly into Papua New Guinea on the proud national airline, Air Niugini. Another option if traveling else where in the South Pacific is to make a direct connection with Honiara in the Solomon Islands and Nadi in Fiji. Though it is most typical to travel into Papua New Guinea from Port Moresby, the capital, since it is the biggest international gateway, there is also another international airport has just opened at Alotau in Milne Bay Province. When arriving in Papua New Guinea, a visa is required for most travelers.            

When leaving Papua New Guinea, travelers should note that there is a departure tax to pay of about $7 US dollars. In addition, the government is very strict if travelers overstay their visa time and enforce that travelers must pay an expensive fine before leaving the country.

Though it may seem romantic, it is almost impossible to come or leave Papua New Guinea by sea unless travelers are on a cruise ship or travel by a yacht. In addition, if one is arriving by sea, they must pay a customs fee which equates to about $40 US dollars.