Burmese people are a delight. Some top tips for anyone traveling for any length of time are:

Visa on Arrival - Your Myanmar travel agent can arrange it (abt. $ 75= p/p) but be sure you have a confirmation (e-mail) from your local agent that it has been arranged otherwise you will not be able to check-in for your flight to Yangon or Mandalay.

Do change your money at the airport - and yes they only want crisp new €uro or U.S. dollar notes only.

Standard hotels and B&B's are not to be compared with Thailand or Cambodia, price range is $30-100, if you want really good then look towards the high end, although all are clean. Breakfast is included but always they consisted of eggs. You can purchase cereals at local stores if you get sick of the same breakfast every day. There are also wonderful tea shops that serve an assortment of steamed buns and dumplings that make for a great breakfast.

If you are a coffee-lover, take solluble coffee with you. Myanmareese coffee is nearly always 3-in-1 (seldom 2-in-1) and very sweet. Tea (Chinese) is free in every restaurant.

Take a loo roll out with you during the day, and antibacterial hand wash - also wet wipes might come in handy - your shoes are off most of the time in temples and the floors are not the cleanest! There is a lot of spitting going on!

Be prepared to have your photograph taken with ...well just about everyone! And, stand UPright!

Internet/Wifi, often free, is available now in nearly all hotels and even in a lot of restaurants. But Internet is mostly (very) slow and connecting is not always possible.

Budget for about a three-week trip for three travelers, including Visas, all hotels, car, petrol, and driver including tolls will be about $5,100.

Use an agent - even if you are an older and experienced traveler, you may be glad you did. Traveling on buses and finding accommodation on arrival can be tedious and frustrating if you are not lucky enough to get availability.

Websites will allow you to look for hotels in other destinations within Myanmar with one or two days lead time with a variety of cost options.