Most foreign visitors flying into Egypt en route to Aswan will land at  Cairo International Airport, which is located around fifteen minutes away from the city center.  Once in Cairo, visitors have a few options for further transportation. 

            There is a smaller, domestic airport located in the city of Aswan.  Currently only one main airline flies from Cairo to Aswan, which is Egyptair.   This is by far the most convenient way of getting to Aswan, but traveling by land has its up-sides, such as seeing the passing countryside.  Currently the taxi's have no meters, depending on your haggling skills look to pay anywhere between 50 - 80LE for a journey from the airport into the centre of town.  Alternatively contact your hotel or a local tour company to collect you at the airport, you may pay slightly more but the price will be fixed.  

            The train journey from Cairo to Aswan takes about 12 hours to complete.  For more information about traveling by train between Cairo and Aswan see Watania Sleeping Trains and Seat 61