There are numerous cultural attractions that can be found in and around the city of Aswan, which include a museum, various temples and monasteries, and numerous historical and religious monuments.

            The Nubia Museum is a major attraction in the city of Aswan.  This museum contains one of the most important, and complete collections of Nubian artifacts and monuments in the entire country, and is considered by many to be the best museum of its kind, which is open to the general public.  Recently, the Nubia Museum (along with a few others) was inaugurated. 

            The Aswan High Dam cuts into the flow of the Nile River, and its construction in the 1960’s was a true engineering feat.  Lake Nassar was created as a result of the High Dam, and today it is used by the local people for recreation.  Amazingly, the entire country of Egypt receives its electricity from this, and the Old Aswan Dam. 

            The Temple of Satis was used thousands of years ago, and has only been recently restored by a team from the German Archeological Institute.