Trip Reports, Holiday Blogs, & Egypt Photos.


This page contains links to some of the best Holiday Blogs, Trip Reports (whether the member has had a good or bad experience) and photos from April 2011 onwards.  

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Travel Blog from TA member 'Rowz' - Adventures in Egypt 2014

Travel Blog from TA Member "tmosterm"  -  Singing with Elephants

Travel Blog from Luxor & Nile River Valley DE - Suzie M - I'm just catching up with yesterday, by tomorrow I should be ready for today

Travel Blogs from Luxor DE - Marlscat - My Luxor Holiday 2011 and Luxor Holiday 2013 (and two BIG birthdays)

Another blog (non commercial) with beautiful photos from ex pat and TA Member Berniemyk My Luxor

Luxor Times Magazine Blog - Luxor Times

A blog with a difference (assume the permissions to do this would cost quite a bit) - this blog is written by two Americans who recently sailed between Aswan and Cairo on a felucca sail boat - a proper adventure!!! expertly written and beautiful photos -  On the Nile


Trip Reports :-


Trip Report from Feb 2013 from member Boring Trip Report

Trip Report from Jan 2013 from member Rowz Trip Report 



Trip Report from Dec 2012 from member  SheaG  Trip Report

Trip Report from Oct 2012 from meber StunningStu - Just Back

Trip Reports from Sept 2012 from member FarleyFlavors - Trip Report

Trip Reports part one nd two from Annabel054 - Part One and Part Two

Two trip Report from Jun 2012 from member 'Elwing' -  Aswan Souk - Bad Experience  and Luxor - This city has a problem

Trip Report from Mar / Apr 2012 from a newbie to Luxor - AnnieBateman.  Trip Report 28/3/12 - 4/4/12 

Trip Report from Mar/Apr 2012 from regular visitors to Luxor 'MattandTarja' -  Trip Report - 22 March - 05 April 2012

Trip Report from Mar 2012 from Suzie M with opinions of staying on the West Bank for the first time - 7th - 21st March 2012 - West is Best! 

Trip Report Jan/Feb 2012 - by TA Member Rowz - Trip Report Jan-Feb 2012 

Trip Report from Feb 2012 - by Luxor DE - KazL2000 - Quick Trip Report 



Trip Report Dec 2011 - by Luxor DE - Phil900 - Late Trip Report 

Trip Report Dec 2011 - by Nile River Valley DE - Verity 1 - Trip Report December 2011 

Not Just Another Ho Hum Trip to Egypt -  by TripAdvisor member EddieL - you can book five star for less

Trip Report from afcgirl who travelled to Luxor in Jul 2011 - afcgirl's trip report 

Detailed and excellent trip reports from TA Member Chris45NY including links to her holiday pictures.  

5/16/11- 6/8/11   ;   5/16/11-6/8/11 Bahariya Oasis and the White Desert   ;    5/21-5/24, Cairo/Aswan/Abu Simbel   ;  5/24-5/28, Nile cruise-Sonesta Moon Goddess   ;    Abydos and Dendera   ;   Luxor 5/28 - 5/31/11

Trip report from 2 visits in June and July from  Sbboss - June/July visits- just back

Trip Report from July 2011 from Maggieomx -  Maggieomx - Trip Report

Trip Reports from TA Member "Vagabond01" A solo female traveller who visited Cairo, Luxor, Aswan and Middle Egypt  -  Part 1 - Cairo  ;  Part 2 - Middle Egypt  ;  Part 3 - Luxor  ;  Part 4 - Luxor  ;  Part 5 - Aswan

Trip Report from April/May 2011 from BoringFS - BoringFS's Trip Report 27/04/11 - 11/05/11 

Trip Report from April/May 2011 from Bob62 - Bob's Trip Report

Trip Reports from late March / Early April from Andrewsisters - Andrewsisters Trip Report  Andrewsisters Trip Report Part 2


Photo's of Luxor and Egypt:-

Suzie M's Egypt photos from various trips - Suziesooze's Photos

eLaReFs  Egypt photos from 2014 Trip - eLaReF's 2014 Photos

eLaReFs  Egypt photos from 2013 Trip   - eLaReF2013 Photos

eLaReFs  Egypt photos from Earlier trips - eLaReF's Photos

Marlscat's Egypt photos from various trips - Marlscat's Photos 

Nephthys Egypt photos from various trips - Nephthys Photos 

Chris45NY's Egypt photos from May 2011 - Chris45NY's Photos