Luxor is changing to 'enhance' the tourist experience. - One of the noticeable changes is in the approaches to Karnak Temple.

Your 1st trek if arriving by taxi
If arriving by taxi, it is necessary to walk (150yds??) from the main gate to what could be called the entrance/exhibition hall. The taxi will not go in as it gets charged 5LE for the privilege.


The exhibition hall shows a large model of how it looked originally.

                                                       The large Diaroma

A film about the temple it’s origins and future can be seen, off to the side.

If someone felt the heat was too much, it would be possible to sit in the cool hall with clean modern comfort facilities and watch the film until the remainder of the party returned.

                                                       A welcome cool seat........... 

Go straight through the Hall and leave at the rear. Once outside, tickets can be purchased from a small hatch to the right of the exit.

Guides are available if required/desired. A good guide book can be enough.

There is then another walk (200-300yds??) to the main Karnak Temple entrance, where the ticket is shown to get in.


Another long trek 


T-h-e-n the walk through the temple can finally begin!! (Assuming the intending visitor hasn’t already collapsed in the heat)

Leaving the Temple means the same hot walk back.

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