Lamu has every conceivable tropical fruit readily available at the market. Also, there are imported grapes and dates from Saudi. Fresh juices can be had everywhere usually with too much sugar added - you can ask for little or no sugar.  The seafood is amazing, lobsters, crabs, prawns fished daily. Swaheli style food is surprisingly plain but delicious. Do not expect hot curries in the restaurents. Get the staff in your hotel to shop and cook for you.  Grab the opportunity to take a boat trip and have the crew make a BBQ on the beach with fresh fish - even catch your own! An established restaurent on the seafront is Bush Gardens, altho expect to wait a while for your order! An extremely cheap and clean local restaurent is Minar's Upstairs at the other end of town. If you crave a toasted sandwich and a cappuchino then head for Whispers in the street behind Palace hotel, there you will find a small oasis in the garden at the back. There is also a gift shop selling quality jewellry and artifacts from Africa and Indonesia. If you are in Shela, drinking a cool beer or an 'Old Pal' cocktail on the terrace of Peponi's, you might like to try the BBQ lunch  - fabulous!  Don't leave it too late to eat as most restaurents are finished by 8.30pm! Enjoy!