Arhat Temple – Luohan St

This temple is right between all the city skyscrapers and is tucked in away from the street via a long entrance that are rock carvings. Look for the incense sellers at the entrance. There are over 500 life sized grotesque statues of Buddhist saints here. The temple during WW2 did take a direct hit and so parts are still being restored.

Chongqing Zoo

If you have only a short time in China and you want to panda there are a few at this zoo. Like most zoo’s in China you cannot compare them to “western” style zoos and a lot of the animals are in small concert  enclosures. The pandas are in a decent enclosure as the zoo did receive funding from oversea zoos to build this area.

Peoples Concert Hall – Renmin Lu

Build in 1950’s the Hall was built to resemble Beijings Temple of Heaven. Very large it can hold up to 4000 people.

Ciqikou Ancient Town

This town has been totally resorted however the town itself does date back to the late Ming dynasty. There is a lot of shops and restaurants in this town. Located in the town there is a temple on Baoulun Si which dates back to the Western Wei Dynasty.

Cable Car

There is a cable car that takes you over the Jialing and Yangtze Rivers .