Taxis and rental cars are both available for visitors to Lhasa.  However, rental cars may be obtained from departure cities within Nepal or China.  If driving, there are certain issues that should be considered and precautions that should be taken.

            Taxis are a good way of getting around the immediate city, but if planning on traveling much further, consider another option (see the Trip Advisor: Getting Around page) as they may be more convenient.   Taxis can be found in busy areas all around the city.   Fares not based on meters, are to be negotiated, and should be agreed upon with the driver before starting a journey.   Because most drivers do not speak English, it is wise to bring along a map with the desired destination circled.   Minibuses are also available in the city, and work much like taxis.  


            A personal vehicle is the most convenient form of transportation available in Lhasa, as it allows the greatest freedom and flexibility in exploring the area.   However, first time visitors to the country should check out this Driving in China page before deciding to get behind the wheel of a car.   Note: Chinese driver’s licenses are required to drive in the country.   Because many of the roads leading into, and around Lhasa are in very poor condition, Land Cruisers are the most popular rental vehicle.